MIST discovers graffiti along the railroads of the RER (Regional Express Rail) in the late 80s. Captivated by the fascinating things he saw, he realizes his first graffiti in 1988. Standing out from his competitors, in 1991 he gets the chance to exhibit with Futura, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat at the Musée National des Monuments Français. Also recognized as pioneer of the so called „designer toys“ he designs vinyl toys such as Orus, Malus, Lucius. Today, MIST dedicates himself completely to the sculpture and to the painting in his studio in Montpellier where he lives today. 

Guillaume ‚Mist‘ Lemarquier’s new series entitled Brooken Loop demonstrates both his long experience with writing and letters, as well as the versatility with different dimensions of creativity. His series Brooken Loop will be exhibited from Thursday November 4th - 30th 2021 at Kolly Gallery Geneva. Mist’s new series is focusing on the interference of graphic passages as well as the several ways to express his artistic signature over the total canvas. The overlay is therefore a crucial theme in the design, composition and architecture of each piece. 

Outstandingly painted his canvases show his dexterity in the usage of different materials and melting them together to form pieces of great textures and complex layering. The artist therefore overlaid the following layers; raw backgrounds and spray paint lines to highlight the ephemerality of urban space and walls, drawing chalk lines, as a reference to the all underlying sketch and fine art painting. 

Brooken Loop means the visual deconstruction and interruption or breaking of the oh-so-familiar lettering and characters, where the artist gets himself into the difficulty by diving into the chaos, caused by the deconstruction. At the same time he seeks for a balance in the compositions, which leads him to surprising results.

Due to the current situation the exhibition can be visited by appointment only.