Strong name for the new building in Beausobre, Morges VD



The new building at the Beausobre site, still under construction, has been named: it will be called CUBE.

After a long process, CORAL STUDIO with the Théâtre de Beausobre and the Urbanism and Constructions Department of the city of Morges, came along with a new concept and name for the additional building at the Beausobre site. 

CUBE: the name of the future multi-purpose building, which notably replaces the old foyers of Beausobre, was chosen to illustrate the architecture of the place, its functions and its form. CUBE obviously refers to the shape of the building, designed and developed by MAK architecture from Zürich, but also plays on the first letters of words "Culture", "Événements" and "Beausobre".

The various spaces in the building, intended to host social and cultural activities, public or private events, as well as meetings of the Town Council, have also received their names.
Inspiration came from the architecture and functionality of its spaces. The names have in common an appellation of Greek or Latin origin.
For exemple, the future room of the Municipal Council is called AGORA, in reference to the public square of ancient Greece. The large room on the ground floor is named PETRA, "stone" in Latin, to emphasize the mineral aspect that characterizes it. The medium-sized hall, of the "living room" type, is called LUMEN, from the Latin "light", because this space with its loggia is particularly bright. The multifunction room is called RUBICUBE, to emphasize its qualities of "Swiss army knife". As for the smaller room, with a maximum capacity of 40 people, it was logically named NANO, which means "small" in Greek.

More info coming soon ! 
Link to the French article: Le site de Beausobre dévoile son CUBE

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