Contest : Vaudoise Assurance



Contest : Vaudoise Assurances's iconic HQ building by Jean Tschumi

We are thrilled to have been invited alongside some of Switzerland's most renowned architecture firms for the closed competition of the transformation of Vaudoise Assurances's iconic HQ building by Jean Tschumi (1956).

Given the iconic context of the building, our proposal suggested a project seeking a balance between a contemporary transformation, a renovation and a restauration of the building while keeping the spirit of Tschumi's project alive through our own interpretation. 

As working methods have evolved throughout the second half of the 20th century, it was essential that the offices spaces followed a similar shift and were rehabilitated to fit today's corporate environment. Our project was centered around the company's notion of "worksmart" : designing distinctive workspaces that offer employees the flexibility that today's jobs require. 

Congratulations to Itten+Brechbühl SA for their winning proposal and to all the other invited participants PONT12 architectes saBurckhardt+Partner AGAtelier d'architecture Jacques Bugna SACCHERDR architectesdl-a, designlab-architecture